Fighting Viruses and Winning – From the Flu to Bio Terrorism


Recently there have been hundreds of posts on Facebook and even more videos on YouTube about chemtrails and deliberate spraying of not only barium but different strains of flu virus including the swine flu all sanctioned by our own government…well ironically the solution to successfully fighting the viruses was provided by our own Office of Naval Research…and no it’s not a vaccine!

So I thought this article was very timely and appropriate.

This article written by Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.

A virus cannot be killed using antibiotics. Those medications are meant to slay bacteria, which are a whole different class of critter altogether. Viruses cannot be feld by using herbs, colostrum, or any of the popular multi level marketing products touted as being immune enhancer’s and germ fighters.

The nastier viruses will not succumb to extremes in body temperature either fever or cold. In short viruses are perfect weapons because they can’t easily be done away with.

Why, you ask is it so difficult to overcome a virus? What makes it so special that they can survive vaccines, poisons, sulfa drugs, antibiotics, herbs and most anything else science can think of throwing at them?

Let’s look into what it takes to be a virus and see what makes them tick. Viruses live by a certain code of laws known as Koch’s postulates. There are suppositions based on observations of the behavior of germs. First let’s say that a virus is the one of the smallest bits of stuff our bodies can react to.

Just as a for instance: if you dropped a bacteria on a piece of unglazed china, that bacteria is so big that it would get caught in the pores of the porcelain. A virus on the other hand is so small that it would fall right through the pores and get through to the other side of the dish!

A bacteria is a living thing, it has a life span it eats, it poops, and has sex (with your DNA), and so it reproduces. Once it gets old a bacteria dies. Not so with a virus. A virus is not technically a living thing.

Viruses have no life span; they can become dormant when sneezed onto a pile of dirt. Forty years or so down the road when a wind blows fragments of that dirt bearing the tiny virus into someone’s nose, the bugger will become active again!

Every virus you’ve ever acquired either from exposure or injection (like the polio shot), is “alive” and well and sleeping next to your spinal chord! A recent issue of the Lancet, the prestigious journal of the British Medical Association, reported that out of 140 patients with chronic lower back pain, 114 of them had viruses that had migrated from where they were “sleeping” and had seeped into the injury, causing chronic inflammatory conditions.

Many folks are familiar with Chicken Pox coming back to haunt seniors with suppressed immune systems as the disease of Shingles (Herpes Zoster), or as it’s extremely painful and potentially deadly cousin Herpatic Neuralgia (permanent nerve pain caused by the Herpes).

Many of the viruses we were injected with as children in the good faith effort to keep us from getting infections have come back to haunt us in later life.

Many doc’s now believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibro Myalgia are nothing more than Post Polio Syndrome in those who received the live cell (mildly active strain) polio oral inoculation instead of the dead (chopped to pieces) Salk vaccine!

Pointing to the correlation between the brain swelling and 30 some odd common symptoms that occur in Polio, Post Polio Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the English medical establishment calls Chronic Fatigue “Myalgia Encephalitis” (muscle pain with brain swelling) to denote the connection of these three diseases.

Here in the States the liability issues for doc’s, governments and drug companies are too great for anyone in the medical establishment here to admit a connection between the live virus vaccine and the later onset of debilitating disease.

A virus comes to life so to speak when an active virus (one with an intact exterior protein coating) comes in contact with your bodies’ cells. When they touch that exterior coating forms a connection to our cells called an Isoprin bond.

Through that connection the virus latches onto our DNA (yes a virus IS that small) and it begins to spin off reproductions of itself in great big speedy numbers (viral load). Remember about that isoprin bond, it will become really important to us in a moment.

Viruses are constantly, mutating with some viruses changing faster than other strains. That change in its genetic form makes it almost impossible to formulate any kind of vaccine that will make one immune to some viruses. The ones that mutate the most, like the flu and HIV, look very different this year than they looked last year and they are almost unrecognizable to most eyes from the strains had a decade or two ago.

(That’s also why last years flu bug in this years flu shot are nearly always useless. The only one’s gaining a benefit from the shots are the vaccine companies).

So with all that background is there anything we can do when to not let those little bits of genetic material procreate inside of us? Let’s look in to the research that’s been done here in the States and in Europe.

As I stated before, viruses mutate. So building an antivirus vaccine for one bug might not have much of an effect on it brother two or three generations down the road. So that line of thinking is of waste of time.

The vaccine companies will argue with me but no less an agency than the US Office of Naval Research has agreed with me. They are following an entirely different track – protein eating (proteolytic) enzymes.
Yep, the same things that control your digestion, clean your laundry and are your bodies’ first line of defense in:

• Fighting Inflammation. (1).
• Eating Fibrosis and scar tissue. (2).
• Modulating Immune Function. (3).
• Cleaning the Blood, (4).
• Enzymes can also be the first line of defense against a virus!

Those proteolytic enzymes do a number on the all-important exterior protein coating of the virus. They eat it! Remember the virus is active as long as its coating is in tact. What happens when a virus cannot complete and Isoprin bond? Well, simply it becomes inert – harmless!

The doc’s in the Office of Naval Research know that it would be impossible to make up new anti-viral vaccines as fast as a) the bad guys can make new bugs or b) as fast as the virus itself can mutate. So to cover all of the bases instead of going after the particular genetic coding a virus may have, they are going after the thing that allows that bugger to replicate, its coating!

In research against viruses, systemic enzymes have been found to greatly reduce the viral load by rendering the little guys inert.

The trick to having enzymes work is to take enough of them. Some 5 to 10 tablets 3 times a day! Why so many tablets? Enzymes are huge and you with the molecular weight of enzymes ranging from 24,000 to 36,000 Daltons.
For comparison vitamin c has a molecular weight of 6! Those facts make one have to take more of the tablets to have the anti-viral effect. Enzymes are non-toxic (no LD-50 exists).

The US Defense Department is now bringing a prescription systemic enzyme preparation through FDA approval for fighting viruses.

We don’t have to wait for that. The strongest systemic enzyme available on the planet today is Vitalzym from Energetic Nutrition.


MD’s as well as alternative docs are flocking to the product for because of the strength and speed of its various actions. The usual dose for fighting viruses is 5 capsules 3 times a day. Since there is no toxic level for enzymes more can be taken if needed.

So much for enzymes, what else can one take to “kill” viruses?

Oxygen! The air we breathe does not contain a strong enough concentration of O2 to do in these bugs.
Due to pollution, lack of deep breathing (from to lack of exercise), due to lots of factors, the 21% concentration of O2 in the air and 90% or less concentration of O2 in our blood is not enough to singe viruses. First, let’s explain two things.

First – all disease states and what precipitates them are anaerobic, that means the bad guys inside us do not live on oxygen. Anaerobic respiration is dependent on glycogen for life not oxygen. In other words viruses, bacteria and cancers all breathe blood sugar. When these nasties are exposed to high concentrations of O2 they “burn” and die. (7,8).

Point #2. All disease states need or do best in an acidic internal body environment. You innards are composed of salt water at a 0.9 concentration. Your blood, your lymphatic fluid, your tears are all salt water. Salt water is basic, that is the opposite of an acid.

From our hectic, stressful, junk air, junk food, run lifestyles we are all mostly acidic inside. Some of us are SO acidic that we can tarnish gold jewelry! The ancients disinfected a wound with salt so that no bugs could grow in it; they had increased that tissues alkalinity.

In so doing they took away the environment bugs could live and grow in. If we increase our pH back to normal (alkaline) then between that and having a high O2 concentration in our blood and tissues we have created a terrain within us that bugs cannot live or grow in. (9).

OK, where do I get the oxygen from and how do I get alkaline? First the oxygen: It comes out of a little bottle and it’s called K0-7.

For prevention mix 10 drops in a glass of water and drink this mixture 2 to 3 times a day. When exposed to or actually fighting off a bug, use 20 to 30 drops in a glass of water 4 times a day. There are no side effects to the O2 release this nifty liquid produces in our blood and tissues. Your O2 percentage in the blood will increase 3 to 5 % in just 5 minuets or less!

Next we get to becoming alkaline. Many of you remember that I used to recommend coral calcium for this. My disappointment with coral calcium has been monumental. In the near decade since I advocated the use of coral calcium I have discovered that the goodness of it has been diluted by plain old calcium carbonate (the ingredient in TUMS).

Seems the real coral calcium is VERY expensive and diluting it with a good bit of calcium carbonate is a way of lowering the cost while maintaining the profit margin. We also have the outlandish claims made by one coral calcium advocate that I could not stand or support so I dropped my support for the coral like you’d get rid of a live grenade.

For now, even with all of the supposed ways health food stores have to make the body alkaline, I’ve gone back to what we did with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia patients, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water 3 to 4 times daily. Aside from that the best way I know of to alkalinize is to drink the 8 pH lithium and magnesium rich Crazy Water from Mineral Wells Texas.

These anti viral techniques have worked well for the researchers and patients who have used them. In my own experience I have been susceptible to lung infections since child hood and could set my yearly clock by when I caught bronchitis or had full blown pneumonia each and every winter since I was an infant.

For 4 years straight I had not come down with either bronchitis or pneumonia. As a matter of fact I haven’t even caught so much as a cold! I have even flown long distances next to passengers overcome with the flu who were coughing, sneezing and suffering with a heavy fever and chills. I did not catch so much as a sniffle, these techniques so well!

These insane days viruses seem to be everywhere. New bugs are infecting man all the time, and we live in fear of some terrorist releasing a deadly viral concoction on us all; we need the tools to defend our health and the health and well being of those we love.

Conventional medicine offers no hope against viruses. Using the combination of internal terrain altering with ample oxygenation, high enzymes and slick coatings most of us can avoid viruses latching on to us in the first place or fight them off handily if they’ve already found a home in us.


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VitalZym, the planets primer systemic enzyme product from Energetic Nutrition at

Dr. Wong’s Essentials 25% Professional Strength Stabilized Oxygen.

In an additional side note I would also like to add that for those of you who couldn’t bear drinking the baking soda and water…myself included…. there’s a product from Enzymedica called pH Basic that is a mixture of enzymes and baking soda in enteric coated capsules that bypass the stomach before they dissolve…you can find this brand online at Enzymedica or at Whole Foods and other holistic stores….it’s a lot more expensive than drinking the baking soda and water but a lot easier to take.

Recommended reading is: The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young

Here are a couple of videos that you really should watch with regards to the serious health risks of the vaccine and the possible forcing of vaccinations and the hidden agendas behind the creation of the virus and why flu pandemics are being created.

Suggested Reading: Death in the Air by Leonard G. Horowitz


Dr. Horowitz released this book in June, 2001, 3-full months before the 9-11 “attack on America.” Consider the prophetic title!

If you desire to read a book that explains the socio-political and economic context in which 9-11 occurred, to help sharpen your prophetic vision, read this book.

Silently killing us, our family and friends, the global plagues and toxic menaces are here, yet where are you?  If you are like most Americans, you’ve become distracted by pastimes, passions, pleasures and psycho-sensory overload.

The “Technotronic Era” is here. With it comes a New World of “non-lethal” biological and chemical weapons, and warfare applications, that are being waged against defenseless civilians. Regardless of what you now think, you are being manipulated and lethally affected, and this intelligence may be crucial to you and your family’s survival.

Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (ISBN: 0-923550-30-5) delivers the most heretical message in the annals of world health and American medicine, backed by the most astonishing hard-hitting documents ever revealed. Here, veteran investigator, Dr. Len Horowitz, the award-winning author of the national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? relays how and why populations are being insidiously victimized.

Exquisitely detailed in this book are the most advanced developments in the field of population control. Genetically engineered viruses and bacteria, the latest technologies for biological warfare, and combined exposures to biochemical, metallic, and electromagnetic agents, offer a “Star Wars”-like arsenal for conducting global genocide auspiciously for “public health”, “National Security”, and “world peace”.

Reprinted here are the most stunning U.S. Government documents you have ever seen that vividly expose the secret agendas of war waging by the world’s wealthiest neo-colonialists and global fascists. Not speculation, Dr. Horowitz relies heavily on Congressional testimonies, legal witnesses, and government documents to prove the public is being chemically and pharmaceutically intoxicated, and electromagnetically immune-suppressed. Increasing epidemics of cancers and myriad other illnesses are predicted.

Monumentally, this book exposes the instigating cartel, its leaders, their savvy media manipulations, and their ongoing global operation more insidious and destructive than the nuclear weapons program of World War II. Striking the heart of a global conspiracy, and exposing the cryptocracy responsible for the latest forms of bioterrorism, psychotronic warfare, and Malthusian ecogenocide, the revelations and wisdom contained in this book offer more than a reality check. They give humanity, you and your loved ones, a final, last minute, choice for salvation.

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